Apr 28, 2015

Makeup look- Velvet smoky eyes


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Apr 10, 2015

Makeover- Edgy makeup look


Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I have been on and off all the time but I am more Active on my instagram, you guys should check out my instagram (@ i_am_maggiepegg) and also don't forget to leave yours so I can also find something new and follow. So I am just trying to break out of my Little bubble this year. I am aiming to start doing makeup for people. I already do hair on occasional cases but I also want to infuse in more. I already have a project coming on the way. I will be doing makeup for bunch of people for a wedding and I am quite nervous about getting everyone's shade but it will be fine. Now, I am just trying to get more makeup in my Collection and then see what happens. So you guys should definitely stay in touch for that.

Okay so this is my friend Elizabeth, one of the bridesmaids for the wedding. So she was my model and I was just trying on different ideas on her. She has the most Beautiful chocolate skin you'll ever find. Also, I have obsession with dark skin. Her skin radiates and I just love how makeup blends so pretty on her. We just worked with Purple and silver for the Eyes and soft Foundation application and a lot of contouring. Yeah the harsh contouring was on a purpose. Although it looked very blended in real Life. For the brows I used the wet N wild palette in ash Brown and filled in the brows more with a Brown eyebrow pencil. The concealer I used for her was actually the LA Girl Pro concealer in fawn. I used a Little just for highlighting's sake. Not too much, if not there will be too much contrast. I used the mac blush raizin and also Macs highlighter to highlight her forehead, cheeks etc. To bring the whole look together I finished up with the Mac mineralize skinfinish in Deep dark and set Everything with Elf's makeup mix and set.
Where I normally get my drugstore makeup
Beutyjoint: http://beautyjoint.com/
Cocopanda (for my scadinavian readers): http://www.cocopanda.se/#superrea
Fyndiq: (for my scadinavian readers): https://fyndiq.se/
Ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/
That was all for the whole look. I hope you guys find this interesting as I did.
stay tuned for more. Dont forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you Think.
Love you guys,
Be good!
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Apr 3, 2015

Feminine suspender look- Fashion show

Hey guys, how's your week been? Happy easter everyone. I am in a Little celebrating mode as well. I finished my internship yesterday and I used the whole of today to sleep (not really). Well last day of internship was fun, I decided to get a Little cake for the dentists and co at the clinic and I also got presents for my two dental hygienist who were coaching me. These guys were really awesome and did everything to see me grow. Am actually going to miss that little community (not really, lol).
Alright yeah so now that school is going to start again I will start filming again. Yes, because I will be going back to my little home in Jönköping. And I will have my space to film and blog and all that good stuff. But this month has not been really easy. It's been tough being away from my bf, having to work long days and keep up with lots of activities but it went alright.
I was in the main town of Gothenburg to get some stuffs from MAC and I just saw that they had some fashion show and I decided to stay and watch a Little. Watching all these pretty ladies and gents walking down the runway and doing their thing was fun. Even though I and Esther my sis, spent half of the time critisizing their walks and looks  just for fun. But deep inside we actually appreciated them all.
Anyways I hope you like this post.
For the mean time check my Youtube channel and subscribe PLEASE. More videos coming soon
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Mar 21, 2015

Birthday surprise party, internship, life- Random

Hey guys how's everyone doing? I know I have been gone for so long, but here I am now. Like some of you guys already know, I am doing my internship at a dental clinic here in Gothenburg and it has honestly taken all my time. I am Always so tired when I get home that I just go to bed directly and Catch a Little sleep Before I have to Wake up the next day at 4 for Another shift. It's quite tiring but I am really enjoying my time here as well. These dentist and hygienists are so passionable and skillful  that it makes you strife to want to be the best you can be. So far, so good.

My sister Esther clocked 19 and we had a Little surprise dinner for her. Her friend Rahma and I planned it together and oh btw, Rahma is such a sweetheart (if you are Reading this, you already know). So we planned Everything together and we were so nervous about how things will go. I was suppose to get the cake but how am I suppose to just dissapear from the house and do that without her suspecting anything? There were other stuffs like that but am just happy everything turned out great at last. And the minute we saw her giggle and laugh after disclosing the whole thing, eveything just felt right.

How cute is their smile?
The dinner was last week though so this post is a Little bit late but better late than never right? I just want to use this medium to thank everyone that came. Sorry you can't see me and some other guys in the Picture because I was taking the Picture and some angle obviously were not captured. But you get the gist, yeah?
Okay guys that was my Little post for you guys. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
Be good!
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Mar 11, 2015

Am just smiling- life

My dad and my brother Elijah
Hey guys, how's everyone doing? My week has been quite hectic. I started my internship at a dental clinic here in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's quite interesting but very stressful and intense. I will be here for about a month Before I return back to uni.
Notice any craziness going on with my hair? Well well. I dyed my hair jet black but the day I did it, I was in such a hurry. It was my friend's birthday and I was running late. I didn't let the hair condition well after dyeing it and I blow dried it just immediately. I say NO NO, don't do this. The result is what you see, frizzy, harsh hair that is extremely difficult to get bone straight. And the fact that the hair was originally wavy doesn't make it any easier. But not to worry, I have a plan.
I will Deep condition this hair for at least 6 hours, then maybe some oil treatmeant. Afterwards dye it red or just add some red highlights and Deep condition it like crazy. Then we'll see if I can revive my love for this wig back.
Okay yeah just thought of coming by and say hello to everyone. Have a continuos lovely week.
Be good!
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Mar 5, 2015

H A U L: Real technique, shelas, L'Oréal www.cocopanda.se


Hey guys, how is everyone doing? I don't know how well you guys are familiar with this online store called cocopanda.se. So I just stumbled on the blog while browsing around looking for drugstore products in Sweden. I just couldn't believe how ridiculously cheap the stuffs on there were. I was like "is this for real". I mean you save up to 50-100 kr on inidividual items purchased on this website.

The shipping was also very fast. It took only like 3 days for me to get my stuffs and the shipping was free. I am in love with my stuffs so make sure you watch the video below to get more informations on the stuffs I purchased.

PS: the two Mac lipstick below are not bought from the website.
I am wearing the mac lipstick HEROINE on my lips.

Real Techniques Powder Brush127,- kr
Shela`s Complexion Sponge 44,- kr
Makeup bag from Shela.0,- kr
Wet`n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit - Ash Brown E96359,- kr
Jewelry Organizer – with six boxes224,- kr
Shela`s Leather Brushes set in 12 pieces149,- kr
L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza Pure Black 2,8 g109,- kr
Website: http://www.cocopanda.se/#superrea
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