Apr 15, 2014

Pink and Blue eye makeup look

 Hello guys I hope you are all doing good. Today I uploaded a video and it`s a eye makeup. I was on my way to school and wanted to go for an exotic look but very light weighted and natural looking. So this look works fine for an everyday look. 

Apr 6, 2014

Appreciations, youtube channel and just Love

Hello guys, what`s up? How is life treating everyone? Anyways I just thought of informing you guys what I have been up to lately. Yeah I have been uploading videos on youtube incase you didn`t know. Yeah yeah am still a baby in the youtube community but it`s fun. Am just doing it for the fun of it and as well build up myself and the blog and learn as much as I can from the platform. I hope I get you guys support and head on to my channel and please susbscribe if you haven`t. I appreciate everyone for the support since I started `til this very day. You guys are awesome and my extended family. Love you guys.

Spread the word to everyone and show some love. Below are some of the videos and you can head on to the blog for more. Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/margepeggy/videos 
Have fun!

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Mar 22, 2014

All white look!

Hello blogville, did ya all miss me? I miss you guys though. Anyways, I have been extremely stressed and occupied with school works and obviously that`s my excuse of not blogging for a while now. My mum made cornrows hairstyle for me and my sister. The first week I got it done, I was looking over the top. I loved it, it suited me so well but then as old as it gets, the rougher it gets. I loosed some of it and tried redoing it but it`s still not looking that good anymore

Feb 25, 2014

The red lace dress- My sister`s closet

Feels good the weather is getting a little bit better and of course makes one wishes summer could come so fast. I have been visiting home from uni every weekend this month. It`s ain`t that stressful like it use to be anymore. I actually like the

Feb 20, 2014

Multi- Tasking: Something I always do

 Why is there always a lot to do? I wish I can just wake up one day and not need to bother about anything. Uni is killing me and my head is about to explode. The funny thing is that when I get stressed, I start doing makeup. Does that make any

Feb 18, 2014

Hidden features

Hello guys, hope everyone is doing fine. Well, last week was so much fun for me. I have never been so hooked up in my life. When I came back to uni, I literally couldn`t move my legs. I was so exhausted of the whole

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