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Featured on FebruaryGirl

Hey peeps, just when I was a little tired of my blog, I found out I was featured on FebruaryGirl`s blog. Yay! You guys should definitely check out her blog, she is amazing.

Here`s the link to her blog : http://www.febgirl.co.uk

Blog Love of The Week

A note from Joelle...
Every Tuesday of this year (exactly 54 weeks!), I will pick my favourite blog of the week and say why I love it so much! I want to spread the blog love this year as bloggers should be appreciated more!

The List So Far:

  1. Tuesday 1st January:  www.maggiepegg.blogspot.co.uk by Maggie Pegg  - Maggie is a personal style and lifestyle blogger from Sweden. She is not afraid to wear vibrant prints and statement jewellery, which is fabulous. This girl knows how to dress! Make sure to head over to her site and check out her style!

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