How I do my eyebrow. Probably the easiest way.

10:49 PM

Don`t be scared of being natural. You are beautiful even without your makeup.
Start by brushing your eyebrow into places.
After doing that you make two lines on your eyebrow as shown below. This is just to                    indicate the boundries unto which you are going to extend your eyebrow.

                     Then you fill in your eyebrow with your eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.


              Next step is to brush your eyebrow so that it gives it that natural look.


                  Now use your concealer underneath and above your eyebrow as shown below.
                  Yeah it´s looking all crazy and weird but no worries.


           Blend out the concealer and eventually add some brown powder if desired.

And you are done. Do the rest of your makeup and shine like a queen.

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  1. Pretty. You have big, beautiful eyes. I love your brows, nice! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. if i knew you,i would say oh look!copy cat..lolz...nice one..its d exact way i do mine..u dint miss a step....i love d lenght of ur brow

  4. hahhahah LMAO :) Thanks so much. hugz

  5. you most welcome...cute once again


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