I am looking for a man

4:34 PM

I´m looking for a man 
Who will show me that he is a real man 
He would have the heart of an angel
And care for me like I were an egg

He would see past my naughtiness 
And love almost everything about me 
And even the ones he hate 
He would still admire me for them

This man, I mean this very one man 
Would have my heart 
Wrapped in his 
And myself trapped in his world.

He would always come with overwhelming surprises
When I least expect them
And constantly show me
That he loves me.

I mean, when I look at this guy 
I see a future, a light and a pillar 
He mustn´t be too fine 
But he has to be confident in his own beauty

He would laugh at my ridiculous jokes open-heartedly
An d not just "HA HA HA" 
But big bony laughs.

Oh dear, this man doesn´t necessarily have to be a constant church goer 
But he has to love and cherish God 
With all his heart ...

I´m looking for that man.

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