My horrible hair story

10:16 AM

Getting braids is probably the best thing I personally can offer to my own hair. But the problem is that you sit hours getting it done and hours taking it out and those "hours" i don`t have. Come to think of it, you can have braids for like two months and if you really take care of it your hair can really grow. And I mean really grow. Mind you, i wouldn`t advice someone to get small tiny braids if you know you really care for your hair.

I remember back then in Nigeria when I went to braid my hair at a hair saloon. This woman told me she is very good at it and i paid like twice the amount that`s normally charged. Relying I was in "good hands". I sat there for almost a day (way too long time) braiding my hair, thinking it`s cool she knows what she`s doing. Long story cut short, after she`d finished I raised up my head to look at the mirror.  First notice: I couldn`t move my neck. The hair was tight, i mean really tight. It felt like someone was cooking hot soup on my head. Second notice: the hair was so nice and shiny but it looked overworked. Third notice: She had added too much "vaseline" on the hair. I was so angry.

I got home and everyone liked the hair and then they saw how I was hurting. I started thinking of what to do, so I decided it was going to cool down after the night rest. I managed to sleep somehow after four hours of pain in the night. Before day break, i couldn`t take the pain any longer. Took out the hair and I noticed all my hair in the front was gone. That was probably my worst hair story ever. Still thinking about that pain `till today.


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  1. Aww! That sucks! I remember when I used to get my hair braided by others and how I wish I could do it myself. Now, I can. I and my sisters actually take turns doing each others hair. Most times, I do mine own hair, braiding or weaving, but I prefer braiding.

    I think the best way to lessen damage to your hair is to learn how to do it yourself. In doing so, you'll know what works and don't work for your hair.

    You look pretty in that picture!! :)

    1. hahhah so funny, my sisters can`t do theirs so I end up fixing up all of their hair:) Yeah and I love your hair, going natural?? Thanks so much Seun.

  2. LMAO! ....I must be horrible for laughing buh Im sorry....the story is quite funny!!! lol

    1. hahhah no you`re not, i laughed so many times thinking about it myself, lol :) glad you enjoyed reading it...hahha


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