Why do people gotta hate

7:06 PM

Morons will ever be morons. I really don`t understand why people gotta be hating. They have to hate on every little thing. So let`s say i wanna create a blog based a lot on african stuffs, and so I did. Some moron is later telling me " girl why you have an african related blog"? Is it not embarrassing? "Don`t think anybody can relate to those african stuffs afterall we are in Europe" "I mean those dresses are not so modern, no offence i love Africa". Seriously I opened my mouth and I literally couldn`t close it. This was being said by some african girl. She ain`t even white! So i obviously looked at her feeling so sad for her instead of replying her.

Now to my point, why are you pretending? you try so hard to fit in that you look down on your culture. Well actually it`s a free world, so you are free to choose not to love your culture but don`t come telling me craps because then you are passing your boundaries. I love my culture and obviously i can`t help it. Why you gotta care so much about what people think or say because at the end of the day, your so called friends don`t actually care about you. I can decide to wear my traditional wear if I like, it`s my choice so please don`t care about me thanks.

                                       Hope you like my "african outfit".


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