Winter outfit to school

11:29 PM

Hey everyone, how`s your week going? Mine is going well actually.
Most times I find out am the only girl in the class that cares to dress a little bit stylish but of course there are lots of times when the rest decides to look fierce too. Sometimes it`s more easier to put on some junk and blend in than standing out looking edgy. But I came to a conclusion that it´s all about me and I should just stand out in any way I want to and be happy. I don`t actually shop a lot but when I do I make sure I purchase things that I know are stunning and not just okay. I thought I was gonna be very busy this week not to be able to post something but my little sister is an angel, she did take these lovely pictures. Make sure ya all enjoy the rest of the week. Loves


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  1. Ahh! Maggie, I really like this look on you. From your hair to your shoes...cute!

    Hahaha, I quite agree with you. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one that puts an effort into my school looks. There are some people that wear pajamas to school too. Haha. I actually like dressing nice to school, it makes me feel good and stand out :)

    1. Thanks Seun :) you are such an angel. Yeah thought I was the only one, awesome and still can`t figure out how you gonna put on pajamas to school. Oh my days! :)

  2. I'm loving your blog! Känns verkligen som om jag kan relatera mig till massa saker :D

  3. Thanks!!
    Comfy and warm look,a nice idea to go to school ;)

  4. I love how your sneakers kept it all casual. Nice look.

  5. really nice look. so pretty!


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