Santa clause is coming to town. My wish list

3:45 PM

It`s december and it´s soon christmas and I can barely wait for it to come. If I would be sincere, my wish list was longer than did and oh this girl just had to cut it down a little. I actually wrote my christmas wish list in the beginning of this year but I ended up getting almost all of them before it was christmas. So let`s get into it. Macbook pro 13 would have been the number one on the list but got that as a present already.

1) This lovely camera, it`s super duper awesome and I am so so in need of it. Let´s see if I can get myself one or maybe luckily enough get it as a present.

2) Michael Kors is a great designer and I must say that his jewellery collection are so adorable. These watches are easy to get and worth the money.

 3) These two are my new addiction. Started my own collecting of lip sticks now and I believe Mac has the best lipsticks I have used so far. So yeah need to get their winter collection.

 4) We all knew this was coming, jackets. I own these kind of jackets but I would really like to go for other weird colors of this kind.
 5) Don`t actually understand why this one has to come last because it`s actually the only one (apart from the camera) that I always dream about. Peruvian hair in particular is like my favourite and the price list varies depending on the length but I would go for the medium length which in my case is the 18 inches.

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  1. Ha! Camera and watches are also on my 'invisible' Christmas list. I don't remember ever writing a Christmas list, maybe when I was younger though.

    Peruvian hair? Hmm. I think I'll stick with synthetic hair...LOL :)

    That red jacket with gold buttons is....fab! :)

    1. hahhah my christmas list was written in my head, lol :) Thank you, and yeah i agree on the hair too.

  2. Dont you worry.... I am capable of buying everything for you... lol

  3. nice post and great blog

  4. Great wish List, I Love the Red Coat!
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