Shooting at connecticut- God is in control

2:01 PM

Hello everyone, for those who doesn´t know, I have been sick for quite some time now and this week I must say, have not been so nice for me. But as I always say, God is my strength. I will be posting some things soon when I am better, and I hope everyone else is fine though.

My heart goes to the students, workers and everyone affected by the shooting which occurred at the elementary school in Connecticut. That`s just super sad. I pray God consoles the heart of the people who were  directly/indirectly  involved.
Loves- Maggie.P

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  1. Hi nice to meet you. I hope everything goes well with lod days, I love your blog very much. I stay here on my blog with your permission, please follow me you in my blog. I would hope. Have a good week.

    1. Hello :) Thank you so much and I`ll surely follow back as well.


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