Maggie`s Randomness

6:59 PM

So my randomness is taking over my blog little by little. Well my fashion stuffs are still gonna be on date but be alert for some music, rants and other weird stuffs i do when am in da mood. Hope ya all having a nice time. Now i gotta get back studying Biology. For now I leave you with this music.

       Pakurumo By Wizkid.

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  1. Good day from the UK Maggie, hope church went well and you prayed for one and all, just a thought, apart from afrobeats are there any genres you like? I ask this because i thought you may be interested in the new song from destiny's child called NUCLEAR. Excellent tune in my opinion, its all in the words...they go straight into the soul, takes you somewhere, the R&B beat is a head nodder. Have a fulfilled week, so gbo mi?

    1. Hello :) yeah church was just awesome and hope you doing good too?, hihi. Yeah I have listened to their song and I can agree with you that the words are just fab! Thanks for stopping by :) hihi


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