My short hair is out. Bye!

8:34 PM

 I took out my short weave again. I notice I got some addiction with my hair. I love to constantly change my hair and that`s probably why it`s difficult for me to go natural. I can have my hair for 5 months without relaxing it but soon or later i see myself relaxing it. Now I  have some clips in. and this will help for a week or so before I change it again. I cut my hair seven months ago and it`s growing back but it`s taking way too long time. Anyways kudos to the natural girls like my sister Essie who just did the big chop Here`s her blog add: ( You guys are doing great  job and to us the rest rocking our weaves, yay to us, lol. More updates coming soon. Been doing a lot of shopping and am just super happy.

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  1. first to comment,you always look nice :)

  2. Your hair is not short jo! Kudos to your sister. Join her too. Haha

    Happy Sunday! :)

    1. hahhahh Seun, i have clips in, not all my hair :) hihihi happy sunday to you to <3

  3. You look pretty and that's a nicely done bun :)


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