Am back in black- OOTD/ Stolen from the famo family

2:05 AM

Hello famo family, feels like ages I have blogged. "Apologies" and this time I have no excuse to give. Well this month has been a great month for me and I have had too much luck so far. So after checking a  post by the favorite My Styled expression about how she bought some shoes for some awesome price and the shoes were so gorgeous, so I decide to go check out my luck too. I went to the big mall in town after school to check out for some nice shoes too and voila I found out they had sales here too. I bought like three pair of shoes at really good price. I was so happy on my way home that one could think I was crazy. Well shoping at good price makes one feel so complete, lol. PS: the sun was too much on my face and making the face looks a little bit oily and light but it`s all good. Dads big jacket, Sis leather shorts, mums black blazer, my shoes, myself, my accesories and my everything else,lol and there you have an outfit of the day. 
Have a lovely day. Kisses!

Jacket: My dads// Blazer : Mum//  Shoes: din sko Hat: H&M 

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  1. last that you,you look different

    1. Hahhah yeah it is me oo.. The sun was just too much on my face ni ooo, lol

  2. That shorts and tights are everything! Love this outfit, its so chic...:)

  3. Love your tights.

  4. just discovered you blog and i love you soo much i love you sense of style.

    Issie xox


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