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Big thank you to the lovely Femi fagbemi (click here for her blog)  and Vanessa (click here for here blog) for nominating me for the Liebster award. The award is meant to promote new bloggers with less than 200 followers and you are to follow the rules of those who have nominated you. So both of them nominated me so I will be answering both question and try to follow their rules.

11 questions from Femi Fagbemi

1) What are some of your current addictions? 
Right now I am addicted to different kind of wedges and I have bought a lot this month

2) Why did you start blogging?
It`s just something I feel is fun and it drives me more to improve when it come to being fashionable and daring to stand out.

3) Dresses or pants? Flats or heels?
Definitely pants and heels

4) If you could meet some one famous, a role model etc (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
It would be Asa (a nigerian singer, check her out)

5) Celebrity who you most identify with style-wise, or who best embodies your style (if you had bottomless pockets)? 
That must be Solange Knowles. She has an amazing style which am deeply attached to.

6) What's your most indulgent habit?
Making my hair all the time and watching nigeria movies (don`t tell anyone)

7) Stranded on an island and could only have/save three things what would they be?
My laptop, my bible and lip balm ( can`t stand my lips dried)

8) Career goals? Are they related to fashion, or is is a passion/hobby?
Probably dental hygienist or chemical engineering (haven`t decided on which of the two) 

9) Did you think the world was going to end on 12/21/12?
Seriously who did? Well my bible didn`t state any date the world was going to end. It only said someday.

10) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Definitely Nigeria. It has been five years I was there last.

11) Favorite physical feature/what makes you unique?
I love my legs. I love that they are quite thick and in short I love everything.

My experience as a blogger
(This is from Vanessa)

Where should I begin? I honestly don`t know but I will try and write as much as I can. I started blogging last year and it has been an interesting journey so far. I have always love the concept of blogging but here in Sweden most bloggers are lifestyle bloggers which means they mostly blog about what they ate today, how drunk they were and maybe sometimes show some outfits and provoke people with their post. So this really didn`t make me to see blogging as something interesting but one day I came across some girl`s blog and it was of course fashion/lifestyle blog and I just fell in love. Since then I started checking out more blogs. I later decided to start my own blog which of course I didn`t know will even last a week. I thought I would quit soon because I had no camera and my friends were not so much into blogging, (now they are though). 

So the blogging started, I got great comments and on my way to town I meet people who reads my blog and tell me they love it. It`s been crazy, my friends were surprised and my family just teases me all the time. Everyone around me started seeing the blogging thing in a different way. But then some months ago, some people decided to start gossiping and writing bad stuffs about my blog being meaningless and so on. I just found it funny and interesting. A friend of mine Amanda said, "if they can be this provoked then you are doing something great". So I held on to what she said and just continued blogging  and I am looking forward to greater things. I must say that everyone that comments on my blog are those who motivates me more. Too much lovely people.

Taking pictures has being crazy, the lighting around me is so bad and my camera sucks but somehow I manage to get good shots sometimes. I have now decided to dedicate more time for blogging and we`ll see how things go. It`s being so much fun since I started blogging and yeah we`ll see what the future holds for Margaret Olawumi. 

My rules:
1) Tell me how/what made you start blogging and how it`s been so far.
2) Nominate other bloggers of your choice with less than 200 followers.
3) Link back to this post if you`ve answered the questions and comment on this post as well.

Here are my nominees:

Goodluck! Comment after you have answered the question and I can`t wait to read every single one of them. Love you all. Massive thank you.

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  1. lovely answers, big up to your future career, thats amazing!

    carol x

  2. Great stuff! Very fascinating..wish you the very best.

  3. hmm,na so,keep blogging like ajetun


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