On the brown and white side

8:15 PM

Hey fellows how`s the week been?? hope splendid. I have been in school, with friends and just doing other random things. Random things including going on instagram. I`ve opened my instagram account for a while now but was never active there, just upload pictures when am bored but I will soon start uploading lots of pictures on there so you can definitely check it out @maggiepegg. There are just too many cuties on instagram and I can`t help but like almost all the pictures on there. Need help.
 So I have actually had on this outfit a week ago or so. I have been contemplating on uploading it but I just said it`s going on the blog today so here it is. That`s all for now. Have a lovely weekend ya all.

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  1. Lovely outfit, cute blazer


  2. Love the outfit, love the style of the shoes.
    BTW thanks for the leibster nomination, it'll be my next post for sure. I'll give you a shout when it's up :) xx

    1. Thank you :) you are welcome , I can`t wait, loves :)


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