Another side of me - Shhhh just do as I say

12:50 PM

*******Viewers discretion is advised, lol******* 
Let me start by apologizing for these crazy pictures ya all gonna be seeing soon. So do you guys experience those days when you just feel like being someone else and try another side of you. Yeah! same thing happened to me like months ago when I just cut my hair. I kept looking at my short hair in the mirror and suddenly I got the crazy idea of getting my makeup done in a way it won`t look anything like me. So I did. And here is the outcome of course. I have been contemplating on posting these pictures but today is one of those days I feel like embarrassing myself a little. So it`s up here for the sake of having fun.  
Oh I love you guys so much and thanks for everyone viewing and commenting, ya all make my days.
Loves- Maggie.P

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  1. Lol the lipstick...,..... Quiet funny fin när man är 14;););). Hehehe kul att du vågar dej på nya saker.

    1. Haha lol :) eller hur?? Det var en gammal bild förresten.I would never dress like this on a normal day, lol. Thanks beauty :)

  2. You're so cute! I love your heels x

  3. Viewers Discretion kee..nice pics though :)

  4. Loving this other playful side of you. Cute shoes. x

  5. this is such a great post!

    I love your blog ! I am your newest fan and member!

    Hope you could follow me back and keep in touch!

  6. This you is crazy cool. You should let ♓èл out some more on the blog. Love.

  7. hey! you look sizzling hot!!! great shoes.


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