Long time no see

3:51 PM

So I want to welcome my new followers, and a huge hello to my stalkers who have been really mad at me for the bad update ( ya know I love ya). My sister got herself a new camera, so of course it`s like i got a new camera too, lol. Totally in love with it. What else do I want to say?? 
Oh yeah, I have been having hard times with my studies because of a certain teacher and I have been in an angry mode for ages now ( it can tell in the pictures? maybe). New fashion post will be up soonest as soon as I can put together the pictures. 
A big shoutout to my delicious friends ( ya all know yourselves). With this I wish you all a really good, great, awesome, fabulous week.


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  1. Loving your braid.
    I'm glad you're back! Have a nice day! <3 x

    ♡ E.

  2. nice one..welcome back



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