Get to know me Tag

9:42 PM

Hello guys, just thought of answering some question I have gotten for the past few months since I joined this blogging world. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy it.
Get to know me tag
Full name: Margaret, Olawumi, Yemisi, Ife, okay and the list goes on..I have more than 8 names and my surname is Olaniran
Origin: I am Nigerian, born and raised in Ibadan. omo naija ni mi Swagger! lol. Currently living in Sweden.
Age: 18
Religion: Christianity, that`s obvious!
Got a boyfriend: No, the right person will surely find his path to me, hahha (It may be you, lol)
Future plans: Dental hygeinist and singer.
Passion: God, fashion, my friends, food and music
Best food: Boiled yam and fried egg, Lasagne
Dislikes: I don`t like when people interfare into my life too much. I hate hypocrates.
Likes: I so much respect people who are straightforward
Secret love: I got mad love for nigerian movies even though they piss me off most times. I watch them all the time.
Best feelings: When I am home with my family. And when I am in church.
Movies or music: can`t choose, both are essential for me
Idol: Asa and Chimamanda Adichie


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  1. Nothing about me written in there. You are married! Dont forget that!! :(

    1. Awww me love! I haven't forgotten :) i will write more about our relationship :) hahha

    2. lool yeah, you better. people need to know. so does the person "you cherish".

  2. hahaha,am also from Ibadan,Alakia..where do you live in Ibadan?

    1. Ooo really?? I also lived there..thats so cool! ;)

  3. Nice pics u have Maggie :)

  4. great Composition,was gr8 watching you grow up wunmi

  5. I love an all black fit so nice

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  6. What a fab outfit, love the styling.

  7. Great post, love the hair and the outfit, those shoes though... ohh they are so pretty. :D

  8. i love love love your hair :)

    check my blog

  9. Gorgeous outfit and I love the hair! x

  10. its may be you, yea i :p


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