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4:28 PM

Hey sunshines, how is life? Honestly what`s up with you guys? I hope you all had a nice easter break and yeah, I did if you were wondering :). I am so happy because my face is getting more clearer and I can loudly say, my acne days are over. Yay, I am extremely happy. Acne was the first main reason, I started using makeup in the first place and from there it developed into hair addiction and the rest is history. Today is not the day to talk about my acne history, I will elaborate more on that sometime soon. 

Africans are so extremely nice and things we do all the time for each other makes me go wow! My mum has a friend in Nigeria and she is a really well-to- do person. She sewed some clothes for us ( I and my two sisters, shown in the last two pics) and insisted on sending them over to us all the way from Nigeria to Sweden. Long story cut short, the clothes got here and I felt so in love with it. Oh I just love it and the fact that it is pink. I just can`t thank her enough.
Trousers: Nigeria// Blazer: H&M// Top: Nigeria// Shoes: Din sko

Keek: maggiepegg

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  1. nice clothes,i love the design on it
    and thank God your acne days are over.

  2. You are so beautiful

  3. usual! Who is dat guy by ur side? I'm jealous!!!

  4. So gorgeous, love the relax feel of the outfit.

  5. The pants are so gorgeous and comfy looking(:


  6. LOvely,they look really free and comfortable!

  7. lovely! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  8. This is very cute! They look lovely.

  9. Yeah! Had a super Easter! Thanks. Nigerians are the most kind-hearted people in the world. The harsh economy has not ripped out our kind heart..nice clothes you got there :) take care.

  10. Love the pants:) check out my latest post

  11. sewed clothes are amazing. your sisters look good :D
    loved all the colorful stuff!

    shall we follow our blogs?

    also I just want to say that I am really engaged in DIY, beauty tips, recycling clothes, style and quick make-up. So i'll be making videos about this things :D
    Please please please subscribe to my channel and share the video you like on facebook so your girlfriends can see :D

    thanks alot
    God Bless you.

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