Why Maggie Pegg??

10:34 PM

The name Maggie.Pegg came by of mistake. So when I was in Nigeria, dictionary in english class was compulsory or else it will result in severe punishments . We were to learn like 100 new words daily, so anyways in class when we were suppose to be studying I and my friend started checking for fun stuffs in the dictionary. We found out that some names has different meanings in different languages and that they might even be called something else as well. So typical, we checked out the simplest names first like my friends name which was Sharon. Her name meant snake, we laughed and laughed over it and then later we moved on to my name. 
After the long search for the name "Margaret", we found out that it meant "pearl" and that the short form is Maggie, Meg, Marge, and then peg...ggg....y, actually "peggy". I couldn`t read the last word "peggy" before the teacher caught us giggling which resulted in squating for more than 30 mins. So after the punishment, I tried to remember the words and I just remembered "pegg". So when we were discussing later that day, I told them the shortened name was pegg. And that I also remembered maggie was also part of the names. As soon as I finished talking, they all bursted into laughter and withing few seconds, started gasping for air. I soon realised that "pegg" meant clips used for hanging wet clothes while drying. It was so funny that they started calling me Maggie.Pegg since then, just to tease me. "Maggie, the clip we use to hang our clothes", oh so funny!! No it wasn`t!. Lol. 

Anyhow, I came home and told my sisters and friends what had happened in school (I was in a boarding school then). They laughed as well and laughed even more when they started thinking that maggie means "seasoner". Nigerians calls every seasoner for maggie so they started asking if I was maggie cube or maggie know or maggie chicken. It was something else. Imagine how ridiculous they made my cool name sound. Since then I have officially adopted maggie pegg as my nickname. Horrifying isn`t it? but it is fun every time I think about it.

That`s all from me. Just wanted to be a little bit random today.
Loves- Maggie.P

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  1. Hahahaha!! This is too funny! I enjoyed the story behind your nickname; very interesting.

    I don't like cooking without using Maggie as a seasoning. Food just tastes weird without it.

    You're rocking that TWA!! :)

    1. Hahha I agree with you, the taste is not complete without maggie, lol :) And massive thanks Seun <3

  2. Amazing Outfit ,looks gorgeous!
    follow new ,mind follow back?


  3. Cute look! Love the bold earrings! And the story you told was so cute! I've always wanted a nickname and it was fun to hear how your blog name came about, I assumed it was a variation on your name but the backstory was much cuter than I imagined lol and much more interesting :)

    1. Hahha :) thank you so much missy, aww maybe I should get you a funny nickname? lol :) Not as ridiculous as mine hopefully. <3

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  5. Lol,Maggie the peg! you are really rocking your hair,looking good..

  6. Oh my, hahahaha!
    Love your outfit x


  7. Hahahaha that was some funny story Marge..

    Nice outfit btw..

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    I hope you!


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