Forgive and forget

9:52 PM

They say forgive and forget! Is it that easy done as spoken or just one of those sayings that seems never to work in this our modern day?. I was at bible studies ( hectic questions moments) and people were coming with questions "Should my friend forgive a man who raped her daughter?" "Can you forgive someone who treated you bad?" Questions upon questions and I just got tired that my brain started aching of too much talks. Don`t get me wrong, they were quite interesting stuffs but I just had too much going in my head as well. I was sitting there half listening while my phone silently rang! It was a message from a friend who refuses to forgive me for something I said to Him. So I have appologized for over a month and He still won`t talk to me and after messages upon messages of apologizing I decided to give him some time. So why is it so difficult for him to forgive? "Afterall I only uttered accusing words and not hit him or something". I thought to myself! I already did everything they said we should to according to the bible studies class and still it`s yielding no result. At the end of the day, I come to a conclusion that, I will forgive him for not forgiving me and anytime he decides to reconcile with me, I will hold no grudges against him.

I use to have diaries where I write all the annoying things people do to me and I never for once wrote any goodstuffs. One day after meditating on a word, I change my tactic. So now I only ( only only) write good stuffs that people have done to me and incidence worth preserving for future references. So forgiving someone just on the surface and you know deep inside you, that you still hold grudges against the person, is just a fake forgiveness. So no matter how bad people treat us ( they always do), be ready for it, pray against your flesh to react, hold your silence and pray for the person and yourself. Steven in the bible was stoned to death yet he fell on his knees and asked for God to forgive the people who stoned him to death Acts 7:60

Goodnight beauties :) Go, forgive and let go. That way, things are much easier.

Loves: Maggie.P

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  1. The hair cut suit you so well.
    Forgiveness lightens the heart from the burden of not forgive those who hurt you. Great read this is.

  2. "Holding a grude is allowing someone live in your head without paying rent". No mortal man can forgive by his own power except he has the Love of Christ dwelling richly in his takes the grace of God.


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