That hair is on fire

10:03 PM

Holla chicos and chicas, how is your summer going so far? I just thought of uploading something just to let you guys know that I am alive, lol. I made this wig two weeks ago and I have never put it on before, so today I wore it. It`s redish brownish and it`s kinda too light for my face but I love it. Am thinking of dying my hair to blond just for the fun of it. I don`t know, we`ll see. So am constantly happy this week and thanks to my special someone for the surprise yesterday. Okay yeah that was all guys and Oh guys I have more gist for you guys later. Kisses.
Loves: Maggie.P

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  1. Cute

  2. Those jeans are lovely!&& you look great.

  3. Those pants look goooood! Happy belated birthday hun! :)

  4. Fire!!!!!! lol.. gorgeous.

  5. You look so beautiful.... love your pumps... so special... like the floral print :) Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  6. You look lovely with that wig one.

  7. Hey!! really nice blog, i like it ;)
    If you have time, please listen to my music.. and if you like it you
    can put it in your blog!! That would mean alot to me!! :)
    Cheers Martin´

  8. Blond? Oh!(Sobbing)..I'll tell Daddy for you :)


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