Video time- Naija Tag

11:35 PM

Hello guys, here I come again and this time with a video. So my sisters are probably going to kill me after seeing this post but I think I`ll survive. So like last year, we filmed the nigeria tag video and decided to upload it on youtube. It was there for a day, and then we felt it was horrible, so we decided to take it down from youtube. Now I uploaded it again and it´s still quite horrible, nothing has changed but I just feel like letting you guys watch us being ridiculous.

So the Naija tag (Nigerian tag) is just answering list of questions that has to do about you being a Nigerian. I found the questions on google and I will put them below as well. OBS: we have matured a little bit now, lol. So yeah guys here we go. Have fun and show some love. Rate, comment and (subscribe), lol.

Loves: Maggie.P

'Nigerian Tag' Questions:

- Do you have a Nigerian name and what does it mean?
- When was the last time you were in Nigeria?
- What part of Nigeria are you from?
- Do you speak your language?
- Do you speak Pidgin English?
- What is your favourite Nigerian food?
- What is your favourite Nigerian song?
- What was your most embarassing moment back in Naija
- What around your house represents your culture?
- What do you like about your culture?
- What is a ridiculous question you were asked about your culture?
- What can you do to improve your country?

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