Who am I?

4:48 PM

Who am I? Isn`t that a little bit difficult to answer but I can sure give you a hint about myself.
Margaret is the name, an 18 year old girl who thinks older than her age at most cases but behaves childish just for the fun of it. A girl who at some point in time appears shy but can`t stop running her mouth when with people she can trust. This girl might not seem cool to some people but she is super cool because she has a Pappa called God who  has the greatest swag of all. She use to care too much about her look until recently when she realises none of it matters because someone loves her just as she is. Oh yeah she cut her hair, a way to get over herself as vain. She is too emotional and she can cry over anything. Seeing a cute guy, she cries! watching a sensitive movie, she cries! she cries cries cries. But wait, she isn`t no cry baby when it comes to serious stuffs, she doesn`t let anyone/anything get through her.

She is a student, friend, working, and very loving. She can be very sweet, but as well mean when dealing with some certain group of people. She always try her best and leave the rest for God to solve. She has no boyfriend, or does she? But yet has many so called "husband and wifes" who mainly are just her friends. She can play drums, piano, sing, fix hair, makeup, is fashion conscious, dances, writes and improvises a lot. She is never one of the cool people but always end up having the best friends ever. She sometimes feels so lazy that she just sit on her bed and watch tv all day. Othertimes, she feels like updating her blog but she just sleeps off on the mode.

She has a lot ahead of her and she feels so happy to have all this wonderful people around her. She wishes she could be as half good as her friends are to her. She is challenging her future and knows great things are coming her way because her father (God) promised her. Oh and she loves her blog readers so much.

Loves: Maggie.P

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  1. Margareth sounds like a pretty cool girl to me *smiles*.. Nice one dear,and we love you too.


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much my bro from another mother :)

  3. We love you too! This was such a cute idea! I agree with your opener about how who am I is such a difficult question to answer, but I think trying to put into words who you are is a beautiful feat. In years to come we should all have answers to the question that's the length of a book. Or at least, that's what I aspire to :)

    I especially loved the part where you were like, she has no boyfriend, or does she? Hmmmmmm lol

    1. Naww :) You are so right, i totally agree :) You are so sweet, thanks

  4. She forgot to write that she is married to one of the best people ever!! :D

    1. Oh yeah my bad, don`t purnish me for that ;) xoxo

  5. Ngaw, this is so cute! Great job Maggie.

  6. This was so nice to read, you seem like a great person :)

  7. Iit's so cool to know more about you, I can found myself in so of your words, that's great.
    Keep trust in God, He's the best :)
    Kisses from Faance, Jane.


  8. Great stuff! You love to openly share your thoughts with those you trust, definitely not running your mouth :)..I know (wink)


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