Oh happy day

5:17 PM

Hello guys, hope everyone is doing great. I thank God for His goodness upon my life and I know His plans for my life are of good and not evil. So yeah life feels extra colorful and things are just coming the right path. This past week, my sister worked with the nigerian and gambian team representing here in Gothemburg for the partille cup. It`s a handball competition and it`s always nice seeing tourists from other countries. One of the nigerian team won all their matches and of course they took home gold. I was extremely happy for them, so I followed Esther, my sis to where the players were and celebrated with them. After that, I was so tired and wanted to go home but my sis and Ibuzor insisted on me following them to Liseberg, an amusement park. Ibuzor said he was going to pay and they literally forced me and at last I followed them. I only rode once before I had to rush home because it was getting late. It was so much fun. These two lads made my day. So yeah that was my day yesterday. Missed you guys by the way.
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  1. Such a cute outfit, love that top on you. :)xX

  2. looking good dear,congrats on your graduation btw..

  3. I love your outfit! And if that's your sister, I love her outfit as well! I'm so glad you were able to have so much fun at the tournament, sounds like a great adventure. And you are rockin' that TWA ma'am, love it :)

    The Indie Byline

  4. Lovely Outfit,Beautiful..

  5. Ahhhh yes, Liseberg, I've been there and it was so much fun going on all those rides except for the huge made out of tree one, Baldur or something. I just couldn't do it hahah. Love the outfit and your make up. And how cool that your sister's name is Esther... twinning.xxx


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