Sorry am annoying

8:31 PM

Am so tired of myself. All this routine day to day life is so exhausting and right now I will do just fine with a break or something. Going to quit working first week in August, and get some rest before school starts on the 19th of August. Am just too stressed right now and I can`t be bothered to take anything serious. Soon 19 in two months and I feel like an old woman already for some reason. Everything is just moving on a very very fast pace. If am annoying you right now, don`t even take it serious because am simply just exhausted.

Well why not take some pictures just for the fun of it and for the sake of people who visit daily without seeing anything new on the blog. Here we go, happy face, Maggie´s weird poses, awesome sunday and see you in my next pose.

Nonesense writeup right?
Loves- Maggie.P

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  1. Oh how I understand you completely, I wish I could do the same... well it's bound to happen soon anyway. Will be moving back to a city where I used to live before for like 2 years and I have to quit my job. I'm just so stressed also my personal life isn't going great as of now and it's just too much to handle :(

    1. Really? that sounds you are making important choices in life as well. I guess am not alone. The stress is contagious, lol. But you will definitely be fine :)

  2. cute pics, love the wedge trainers and hair. dont worry everything will sort itself out.


  3. Nice pictures and well, lively poses..that's what a good decision does: takes a huge load off your shoulders. Wish you the very best and a successful school year.

  4. the shooes is awesome!! you
    look lovely in your white dress :)

  5. these pictures are precious and i know what you mean. i am 22, have just graduated but i feel as if my life is just same old same old now. i need somethng exciting and challenging. :(

    Love the post as always

    Issie xox

  6. You look so happy and pretty. Not sure if you'd still remember me. Lol. Anyway, just relax and everything would work out just fine.
    Funmi Akinsooto


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