University stuffs- Great are His ways.

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That heart-stirring feeling when everything is finally looking blissful . All those cultivated ambitions of being the best of your capability and even through doubts aspire for a more fulfilled life than your parents and the rest of your clan ever had. I know sometimes it is a big responsibility and I can`t help the way into which my future is moulding and shaping itself. All I can do is to pursue success. I know it`s so difficult to set high goals even as a foreigner as me who moved to Sweden 5 years ago and has to go through the pain of learning a new language and going through the whole school process again. And giving up, seems as the most easiest thing to do than to keep presevering. Honestly, I belief things works best at the right time, for the right purpose, at the right settings which God has destined.

Yesterday, I found out I got an admission into a university in Jönköping here in Sweden when I already lost all hope. I will be studying to be a medical laboratory scientist. My choices were between this and dental hygienist. I had a project a whole year working at the university in Chalmers and testing how it feels to be a medical laboratory scientist which was really fun. I had the opportunity to meet really great professors and scientist. Oh I met a nigerian guy who was from ondo state there too. He came here for his masters degree.

Okay back to my story, so I already have some experience per se medical laboratory scientist but yeah so the school resumes in august and I have a lot of planning to do. I am so greatful to God for ordaining my footsteps in the right path. Words cannot express how happy I am but it`s in-evitable that His children will always get the best.

Oh thanks Olabode Kelvin Wahab for all the support. Words can`t express my greatfulness on the whole studying process. You even took it more personal and important than even I did. Thank You.
So yeah guys that was all, lol. What else did I miss?

Loves: Maggie.Pegg

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  1. pretty :)

  2. Congrats and good luck! He really is amazing!

  3. Congratulations hun. Enjoy and prosper in your studies.

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  5. aaawwww....Congrats dearie! I wish you huge success in your academic endeavour! God will be with you throughout and give you His divine Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding in Jesus name...AMEN!!!

  6. Congrats on getting a place. You clearly must have deserved it!

    Lindsey. x

  7. Wow! Congrats Maggie!..wish you the very best. He that started a good work in you will surely see you through


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