My baby arrived! Camera!

3:44 AM

Hello lovers, it`s weekend and for me today was my last day a work. I have been working for quite a long time now and took a lot of my precious time which could have been spent with my loves. But you know, I can`t complain, money is essential. So I bought myself a camera since I won`t be having access to my sister`s anymore because am moving to another city. It`s the same camera as her`s and I actually really realy love it. That`s my new baby. Now I just need to invest in buying other objectives and good stuffs like that.  
This is not a really long and meningful post but I just couldn`t hold my joyt inside without sharing it with you guys. See you in my next post which I know and pray it won`t be long. 
These are the first pictures taken with the camera (excluding pictures of the camera itself).

 Pictures of the camera.

My typical pose for pictures.

IB the afro man. Love man

Christie the beautiful nigerian girl. Both in and out.

<3 <3 My loves
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  1. Well done! Wish you good success in university..all the best!

    1. Thank you so much :) Appreciate it. <3

    2. nice camera,wont mind to know how much it cost,planning to buy 1


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