OOTD with Maggie

11:55 PM

Holla Bambis, hope ya all doing fine? Here we go with another outfit of the day. I was suppose to have posted this two days ago but I totally forgot. But better late than never right? I have been wearing a lot of hats lately due to the fact that I get lazy of combing my hair. It`s getting chilly around this corner of the world and theses hats are just a plus to the whole outfit when it comes to keeping you warm. So I guess my laziness helps contribute to something good for myself afterall. Anyways guys, these is all Ihave for now. See you soon dolls!
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  1. looking beautiful as usual and i love hats as well. I cant believe that it is autumn already but i cnt wait for the fashion :)

    Issie xox


  2. I like the monochrome look you went for!!


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