Shimmery eye makeup

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Hello lovers! I actually felt very less busy and decided to put together a How I do my eye makeup post. Don`t judge me, lol.
Starting off by priming the area where I will be applying the eyeshadow. Then I go in with a very light-gold eye shadow colour to my crease area. 
To givet it some intensity, I apply a more toned gold color also on the same spot as above. 

Now I go in with the purple colour to the left of the golden color to the outter corner of my eyes. Then I blend the two colours in very well with a blending brush. I decided to even add some black colour to give it more intensity. Apply lightlyfirst then put more as you keep on working with it.

Excuse the messy pictures! Now you just apply your favorite eyeliner. Starting from the outer corner of your eyes with light strokes and filling in until you reach the inner part.
I Then apply some false eye lashes. These ones I got from E-bay. I recently found out you could use bonding glue for the lashes as well instead of always having to buy seperate lashes glue.

Here I just applied the black colour from the eye shadow palette to my lower water- line area for more definition.
And voila! We are all done.


Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Your makeup looks so pretty! And your headband is really cute xx

  2. you look gorgeous, and the tutorial was nice and simple to follow.



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