The old red dress

8:47 PM

Hello sweethearts, How`s your day been? It was quite cloudy and a little bit sunny at the same time over here. Summer is kind of gone and I must say that this summer was one of the best I can remember. The weather was amazing and there was a lot to do. Although I worked throughout but thank God my work gave me a lot of free time to enjoy as well. Conclusively, it was an amazing summer for me. 
By the way, my fro is growing  if no one noticed. Just calling for a little attention for my fro, lol. This is my little outfit of the day to the center mall. This red dress drew a lot of attention and it has always do. It`s one of those dresses you never wear but others love better on you. 
Anyways catch you guys later. See ya!
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  1. oh u're gorgeous omo :)

  2. Look who combed her hair! :D

  3. Beautiful dress! Stunning!

    xo, Kenya

  4. Its a beautiful dress and the fro looks good on you :)

  5. You look great!
    Gorgeous dress!

  6. I really like your blog! Kindly check out mine :)


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