The ride to Stochom- Part 2

4:43 PM

As promised, this post is to take you guys on our journey to Stocholm. After four hours, we arrived in Stocholm and boy was the traffic there crazy. We arrived at the Nigerian embassy in Stocholm around 10:00 and there were already three people waiting. We were still rest assured that it shouldn`t take long time but I was so wrong. The first person was been attended to and it took two hours for that person to come out. The second person took one hour and the next family took two. 

At this point, everyone in my family were getting tired. We started conversating with the others sitting near us and they started debating about Nigeria. Gosh, we were all loosing our patience. Afterwards I couldn`t sit there anymore so I decided to ask one of the workers why it was taking so long and he tried explaining. He said the person in charge is on holiday and that it`s another guy in charge. I wasn`t bothered enough to listen to him finish when I and my sister, Esther decided to go take a walk around the street of Stocholm.

Water time. We kept drinking water and then the water tank finished and I and my sis stryggled for the last drop. Hillarious!

It was now our turn and not until that time when I went inside that I actually realized how much work it was. The man in there was really nice and doing his best. And actually the time spent inside is faster than what it should have taken. Then I understood why the others took so long. Elijah-Jason, my brother was so tired at this point and he started crying. My dad was doing the whole work trying to calm him down. Poor boy!

Approximately two hours, we were done and it was time to go home. We sat in the car and ate some good food and drank a lot of water, lol. My dad started the car and off we go to Gothemburg.

On the way, the unexpected happened! The car belt removed and we had to find a mechanic workshop. The car system started degrading in function and we were all panicking because we were in the middle of nowhere. My dad managed to drive the car to a little village in Åby and then seeked help. The passerby directed us to different places but they were all closed. By now it was around past 6. They all closed 6. We started parading different places but to no avail! The car managed to be driven to a bigger city Norrköping and there we packed by a filling station. After hours of searching for an opened mechanic workshop to no avail, we all knew we were not going to reach Gothemburg that same day. So we decided to go get food and buy a bus/train ticket to Gothemburg. The booking machine said all the busses and trains already went and there`s none available until the next day. Seriously?

We were getting even more tired and exhausted and needed to put something in our stomachs. We went to hemköp but it was closed.So we went to ICA and luckily enough it was opened. My mum and dad bought food there. I and Essie decided to go for Pizza and kebab instead.

We ate! All the hotels were fully booked including this one. And we knew we had to camp somewhere. It was really tiring and I have never appreciated my bed so much as on that day.

It was morning and the workshops were opened. We got help and the car was fixed. Suddenly it was time to go home and get some rest on my amazing comfortable bed.

And that was the story. You learn to appreciate what you have more when you don`t have them anymore.
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  1. beautiful photos. the baby, awwww x

  2. I always love your hair cut !!
    The baby is so cute :)

    Much kisses from France, Jane.

  3. Nigerian embassy,would prefer to go to hell than going to 9ja embassy..stupid people,cant believe am from that country,its everywhere..nigerian embassies are shit.

    1. Hahhhaha lol funny you but it went well at last though :) Lol


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