The visit to Jönköping University- OOTD

9:31 PM

My week has been fabulous and full of interesting stuffs happening. For those who didn´t know, I moved to Jönköping, another city in Sweden because of my studies. I will start uni this coming monday and I already love this place. It`s a really modern city and very reserved. Everywhere looks quite calm and peaceful unlike where am coming from. If you are a lover of small cities with a modern touch to it then you will definitely cherish this place. People are so nice and everyone seems to speak english since it´s a student city. You get to meet students from different part of the world. Did I mention how much I love my apartment? Oh yeah I love love it. The perfect place for me. 
I was at my faculty today and I just love it. This is going to be an interesting journey. And you are all invited to come with me on this journey.
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  1. The fact that you got to move to another city in Sweden for your studies? Dope! I love the outfit! You can never go wrong with all black, that skirt is sooo cute

  2. Really love this look, so pretty! Hope you enjoy your university adventures :)

    Lola xx

  3. You look so beautiful, love your outfit. I nominated you for a Liebster award

  4. I've heard great things about Sweden but good to hear this city! Anyway I love that simple black dress & loved that you paired it with that hat which makes it more stylish!! :)


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