A twist of Africa

12:11 AM

And here we go again. Hello guys, happy sunday. Hope everyone is doing good? I am doing so fine and I have been having a lot of free periods lately making me so lazy. Well at least am using lazy moments to blog and do something quite meaningful. Study moments starts tomorrow, bear with me guys if posts comes irregular. 
This time I decided to switch things up a little bit and go african. The wrapper is basically just a piece of ankara fabric that I tied. I have also filmed an OOTD video and it`s on youtube. Make sure you go check it out and rate it (and subscribe&). So I feel like I want to do a lot of things at the same time but I am trying to take one step at a time. 

If anyone also has a youtube channel, link it down here and I`ll sure check it out. Always fun finding out new stuffs. Make sure you leave your comments on there to know what you think. 
Thank you so much guys.
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  1. Oh I love your skirt, she's gorgeous !! Look good on you dear :)
    Much kisses from France, Jane.


  2. love this outfit, especially the skirt.


  3. cute skirt sugar!!!!



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