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4:40 AM

Waddup people? How`s life treating ya? I am just doing good and having the best time of my life. Uni is a lot of hard work but I guess everything pays at the latter end right? My typical daily routine is to wake up, get dressed and head for school. After like 24 hours at school (just kidding), let`s just say 8hours, then I head back home to my beautiful flatmates and get some lunch. After that we just have some good times together and towards evening head out to get some dinner or just sit home and watch tv with some other friends. Student neighbourhood is the `ish. 
Anyways, So I got so tired of my hair and wanted to get some braids done. I didn`t want chunky braids that would be too full and impossible to pack in ponytail. Therefore, I decided to go for bigger but tiny braids if anyone gets what I mean. You do? Okay so I decided to get the braids done myself and gosh it took hella long time but it was worth all the time. It came out nice. I must admitt I got so tired that I picked hair in the middle section quite bigger than the rest. I couldn`t care less, I was so tired and just needed to get some sleep. 
The following day, I looked at the hair in the mirror and I loved it just because it wasn`t too full. Turned out the exact amount I wanted.
Have a lovely weekend guys.
Until my next post.
Love ya:
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  1. I don't have the patience to do my own braids! Well done, it came out great.


    1. Thank you Mary :) I lost my patience somewhere towards the ending as well, lol

  2. you look amazng and i remember when i was living in sweden i did my own hair simply because i didnt know where to go to get it done :( lol. I miss lund and swedish student life.

    Issie xox

    1. Oh really you did?? that`s awesome. Aww I bet Lund misses you as well

  3. they are really cute, and gurrrll i feel ya on how long it can tk do ur own hair, but the cool part is you get todo wat you like!!!! rock 'em well!

  4. You did this yourself?
    You did great!


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