I am back.

8:01 PM

Hello guys! Let me start with massive apologies for been idle on the blog recently. Omg! It`s been crazy. It has just been having a blast over here and student life at this side of the country is so much fun and on point. I really didn`t have a lot of friends in high school mainly because they weren`t a lot of them I could connect to. When I can`t connect with someone, it`s difficult trying to pretend be friends with them, so that`s why I ended up not having loads of them then. But it´s as if God heard my prayers. Everyone I have met over here has been incredibly sweet and I really really love them all. If you are reading this, I love ypu guys so much. 

Okay so everything haven`t been so rosy and sweet either. It`s been a lot of hard work recently, partly why I have sort of ignored the blog. The lectures are intense and requires a lot of time dedication. I can´t complain because I am just one of the lucky ones who´s always gotten their what they prayed for.

What else? So once again this city is charming, schooling is intense, home is cool and life is just the way it`s suppose to be. 
I have a lot in stock for you guys I promise. Just wait for it.
Love you all.
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  1. It's good to know that all is well. Sometimes, good friends come into our lives when we least expect it. :)

    1. Yes dear you are right :) It`s a great feeling. Thank you <3


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