OOTD- Smile

12:28 AM

  • You know what they say? Smiling is the best medicine for the body. When you smile, you radiate a beauty which beats putting on tons of makeup on. Smiling is far beyond the act but digs down to the effect it has on one and the people surrounding you. Everybody has issues to deal with but have you ever thought of lending a helping hand to a friend desperately in need. Create less time for THE SELF in you and more time for fellows around you. Bad days ain`t gonna, will not last forever, because good days are just around the corner.
Sweater: Svedano mode
Skirt: H&M
Earrings: Ur&Penn
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  1. Love the look, like always :)
    Your eyesbrow are gorgeous !!

    Much kisses from France, Jane.

  2. You look great.
    I love your sweater.
    You rocking your braids.
    You take your photos yourself?

    1. Thanks girl :) Yeah I do take them myself :) <3


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