Seaside studying

7:45 PM

Holla chicos! How ya all doing? Little update just as promised. Today I and this beautiful girl my friend, planned to study and we did actually study but of course spent a lot of time doing irrevelant stuffs as well. We went to a cafe and after an hour of just sitting there quenching our thirst with soft drinks, we decided to start studying. We finished studying a chapter as planned, then we headed off strolling round the town. Oh gosh, student city is the best. It was awesome, then we went to the sea side to chill. It was hillariously warm today and it felt so good. We regretted putting on trousers but hey how were we suppose to know it was going to be warm? Anyways we sat there finished our study and went to a park to stalk cute people, lol and then ordered for subway. After that we were so tired and decided it was best if we started heading back home. Alright that`s all for today, hope you all had a good one?
Love ya
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