Youtube videos? Rants, birthday!!

11:09 PM

Hello guys. Hope everyone is doing fine? It`s Friday night guys and I am here editing a video. Just finished editing it and it`s live on youtube now. Go check it. My week`s been fun, stressful and stressful again. Just the normal feeling during school season. It`s my birthday next week and I am so excited. I can`t believe am just 18. So I`m going to turn 19 on the 26th of September and for some reason I am so happy for being this young. I do certainly have long years ahead of me and I thank God for speeding my life, path and my studies. 2014 has been an amazing year so far. My life is taking new turns and am trying out things that I have never before. 
So starting to make youtube videos for the blog is something I have been planning on doing since. I don`t really have a burning love for talking in front of the camera. That`s when I notice I have a different accent than the one I had pictured in my head and even other stuffs you normally don`t think of. It`s just a different feeling. In order to broaden the blog, I think this is a challenge I am willing to take. We`ll see how this goes.

Go fast and open your youtube webpage and show some love. I will link the video below to make it easy. Thanks guys for all the love. I really really really appreciate it.
View in HD for better quality.

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