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Hi there fab, just checking in here. Hope everyone is doing good. Been so busy this week like crazy and time just goes so fast. It was my birthday this week and I kinda didn`t have time to make a post about that, sorry about that. It was super duper fun. All the fun is over now and it`s back to studying. I just can`t wait until all these is over. I think the first thing I will do after getting my job license is just travel to Africa and stay there until I have rinsed my head from all the intense studying I have gone through all my life. I will be done from uni by 21 by God`s grace and am definitely not going to start working immediately. Things have gone too fast and I really long for something fun. The plan is to get my license by 21, travel one year (Take more piano and singing lessons in between), work 5-7 years in Sweden, then hopefully open a dental hygiene clinic here and/or Africa after that. Alongside go into fashion and designing. Web-designing, makeup and hair related stuffs. Planning on taking distance courses on web-designing anytime soon actually. 
These are the little things bubbling up in my head. Changes are borne to happen, so this are my own plans. Let`s see what God has in plan for me. 
*******************Let me just rewind back to the presence*******************
Now am going to go back to studying and I will see you guys in my next post. 
 Thanks for stoping by.
Love ya
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  1. love the outfit! simple and cute :)

  2. absolutely love your makeup and that shirt is to die for!
    lots of love from london..


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