Classy Red in Autumn

8:21 PM

Waddup peeps! Hope ya all feeling good. So it`s autumn and you know this is that time of the year when dark clothes are the norm. But there are always people like me who never follow the rules. This was what I wore to church last sunday and to see how busy I was, I haven`t been able to post the pictures. 
I really love the red color even though it`s so bright and might not be the right color to wear this time around but the details on the outfit is just too gracious. I hope you likey!


See ya soon.
Outfit details:  
Trouser: lapidus Sweden
Blouse: Mum`s
Blazer: Lapidus Sweden
Shoes: Din skor
Bag: Got as a Gift
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  1. Lovely photos.
    Who's that cutie? Love!
    You look great. Chic outfit.

  2. You did "Shine bright like a diamond" Lool :D
    Nice though :)

  3. I love your pant ! Red is a great color :)

    Much kisses from France, Jane.

  4. Gorgeous colour.



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