Cream winter style

1:00 PM

It`s monday, always a busy day and  am here with another post for ya all. I was inspired my sis coat and I just love the flow it has to it. I really like cream color and during winter it just fits so well. I like to blend the look together by avoiding black shoes and instead go for brown just to add some intensity and avoid horrible contrast. 
This is just an outfit to church and I really love the simplicity. Avoid being distracted by too much accesories and stuffs. Just love staying simple.
Alright guys, hope you love it. See you in my next one.

Coat: Myrorna
Assecories: UR&PENN
Shoes: Local store
Trousers: Gina Tricot
Sweater: Essies
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  1. Girl where have you been, I feel like I haven't seen a new post from you in forever! Hope all is well and school isn't taking over too much hahah. Loving this outfit, the coat is fab, totally something I'd see Victoria Becks rocking.x

    1. Goodnes, been taking break. I just needed it. Kudos to you guys still updating your blogs. And thank you so much :)

  2. Amazing outfit!

  3. Looove ti from head to toe! :))) xx

  4. Love the hair and sticking with one color with this outfit was such an amazing idea. I love how chic you look, this is awesome!

    The Indie Byline

  5. i love you outfit.
    very fierce and fabulous.

  6. aaaaww you look so pretty, i think this is my fave hair on you. I love the creamish color and that jacket is to die for!


  7. You are Fabolous!


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