Crochet braids- Havana twist out with marley hair

2:38 AM

Hello guys, I had my hair twisted using the crochet method. There are several videos on youtube on how to do it. It took me like 7 hours to do it myself (i took lots of breaks). So I really like the kinky look it gives after twisting out the havana twists. It looks so good. I have huge problem taking care of this hair because it`s so kinky but am working my way through it now. I used three packets of some kinky hair i bought in my local beauty store. It was not so cheap as I expected.
I hope to upload pictures on how it looked before I did the twist out. I had the real havana twists  for a period of two/three weeks then took out the twist because I was just too bored of it.

I would recommend this hair style to anyone but you`ve got to have loads of patience. This hair is not for you if you hate kinky hair. This is what I call the total opposite of fine hair ( brazilian, peruvian, etc hahha).

Okay so imma see you in my next one.

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  1. (Singing) "I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectation, No, no.. :)

  2. ahhahah lol :) Def not my hair, nor my skin :)


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