Fur Coat For Winter

6:55 PM

Hello cuties, hope you are all doing good? This week have been so fabulous and it feels great being back in Uni. It´s been so unbelievably cold and it`s sucks waking up early in the morning as cold as it is. It makes one feel so lazy. Okay enough about that, did I tell you the most amazing thing that is about to happen? I guess not! Well Chimamanda Adichie is.....coming to Gothenburg, Sweden. I am so exicted to see her and I can`t wait. She is one amazing writer, and a very intellectual person. She is a source of inspiration and she is representing to the fullest. 
To the outfit:
Trousers: Zara
Blazer: H&M
Top: H&M
Fur coat: Second hand store.
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  1. Pretty as always! I can't wait either, She is the most amazing person ever and her speeches OMG!

  2. omg. you look amazing and is it a new camera cos the pictures look amazing as well and live you hair :)
    Issie xox

  3. Nice..you forgot your signature pose? :)

  4. I love you suit and cute hair darling.

    RLWxo : )

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