Hair confusion

9:47 AM

So I am fully aware I just got my hair done but am already thinking of getting something else again. It`s like a sickness. I can`t help playing with my hair. So the problem is what do I get? A bob or braids?.That`s my dilemma so am basically needing you guys advice. Which one should we bring back?  
It`s not really a biggie but let`s see what you folks think.
Have a lovely day.
Be Good.
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  1. Girl I know exactly what you're going through because I'm going throw the same phase myself, as of right now I'm thinking of bringing back the braids because they last longer and also don't want to bother too much with my hair lol

  2. I love the bob, it fits you so well. You should do that. xx

  3. Love the braids. Rock em!

  4. Easy peasy! You look great in both, so half bob, half braids. A braidy-bob. :D


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