Lazy day outfit

11:59 PM

Hello beauties, I did have a plan on blogging more regularly and putting up at least a post a week. I guess that hasn`t turned up well, has it? I fell sick and it took time to get up on my feet and I have even missed a lot in uni. But I guess I`ll hold on to what they say, which is health is wealth. Everything else comes afterwards amd I am back on my feet. 

I guess ya all wondering am without makeup (some probably didn`t notice though). Yeah, the last thing on my mind while I was sick was makeup. I use to think I was a makeup junkie and wouldn`t live without it. Trust me I did, for weeks. So yeah that`s why you are seeing this fresh face (joker!) Lol.

Alright, let`s wrap this up. Tired day slamming on my casual black jeans and my denim top is the way to go. I put on my beenie to hide my poor short hair in the cold. So that was all about it and I just want to say am back in business. It`s not easy guys. 
Love you all.
OBS: Appologize for the grumpy pictures.
See you in my next one
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  1. I love yout shirt, nice look.

    Much kisses from France, Jane.

  2. Beautiful
    I want dat jacket


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