My favo inexpensive lipsticks

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Over the time, I have turned to a lipstick junkie and I just love trying new colors but I do have my limits though. So here are my most worn lipsticks and I am sharing them with you guys. They are very inexpensive and looks good when they are on. 
1) This is a creamy one from Sephora and it stay on well. It could be a little bit too light and might want to tone it down with a lip liner.

2) This is a purple color from sleek makeup and it is very matte. Try moisturize your lips a lot before applying. I wear this mostly when going to grab a fast dinner or something.
 3) Here is a color I actually rarely wear to be honest. I really like the color but I don`t like the fact that it is very creamy. But this can be resolved by dusting your loose powder on the lips after applying. Also from sleek.
 4) My new favourite and just notice I wear this all the time. It is creamy but not too creamy. I got this from sleek too as well. Such a nice color

5) This use to be my favourite as you can notice it`s finished now but I just had to share this. It is creamy too and it`S by Viva la Diva brand. They are based in Sweden. I really love the smell and it just goes on fine.
6) Lining the lips with a brown liner and then filling in with a thick lip gloss from maxfactor and a lighter one from H&M, you have a great combo.

7) I rarely wear this color too. But this is from Viva La Diva and it is very creamy. This is how it looks with my lips lined with a brown pencil.

OBS: These lipsticks are super inexpensive and you shouldn`t be expecting them to stay on all day. They will be needed to be re-applied.
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  1. Pretty colours, the second one's my favourite though, love how it

  2. Nice Post. I have coral reef, bought it after reading a blogger's review but it looks so weird on me. Seeing it on you, I'm motivated to give it another try.


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