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 Last year wasn`t really a shopping year for me. I saved most of my money for Uni and I carefully planned where my money was going. My closet didnt`t really change but I made use of what I have to create new looks and feelings. This year, I decided to treat myself to some new clothings and makeup. I think I deserve it afterall but I am still on a budget though. I am now into buying stuffs from second hand stores, vintage stores, online and even sewing my own clothes. A student`s gotta save money and still look good.

The shops where I bought these items are already listed in the pictures. They were all super inexpensive and I love them. 
Note: When ordering from LightInTheBox, make sure you get two sizes larger than your original size to fit well.

Alright guys, see you in my next one.
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  1. that jumpsuit is amazing!!!
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    Natalie xo

  2. Yeah..sometimes makes alot of sense to save..takes a lot of discipline:-)
    xoxo fm kenya!!

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  3. I love that jumpsuit! I've been debating whether or not to give in to that trend, but you're inspiring me a little ;) And I am proud of you for saving so much money! It's great that you have developed a system where you reward yourself with closet treats for being so good to your pocket. I think I might try that for a little while. I love clothes, but saving money is much much more important. Awesome shopping trip btw!

  4. i love your jumpsuit, so beautiful

  5. That jumpsuit is insane! Love it x

  6. the jumpsuit is everything


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