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6:18 PM

Hello darlings, How`s your day going? And how are you looking forward to tomorrow? (yeah, valentine day). Well for me,
I might stay back in uni and do some studying or travel to my family in Gothenburg and hook up with some friends. I haven`t decided yet. Oh yeah I am single if anyone was wondering which is really no big deal.

Here is an outfit I wore sometime last week to church and I just had to post it today. I wanted to go for something very "adultish" but still quite playful and not too serious. That`s the reason the beenie is featuring here. Almost everything is from H&M and I actually just noticed that now.

So however you decide you celebrate your valentine, make sure you have fun. 
Outfit details
Beenie: My brother`s but can get similar it at H&M
Shirt: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Din skor
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  1. Love the beanie and boots with this look, playful and edgy! Have a great vday and weekend and check out my latest post on valentines day outfit ideas. Xxx

  2. Yea looking gorgeous for Christ! Enjoy your Val dear...

  3. Have the same skirt haha, tha bag is my favorite :)

    Much kisses from France, Jane.

  4. The beanie really adds a fun and playful vibe to the look.


  5. Looking great Maggie :-)
    Now send over the


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