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Hello guys, hope everyone is doing fine. Well, last week was so much fun for me. I have never been so hooked up in my life. When I came back to uni, I literally couldn`t move my legs. I was so exhausted of the whole outing routine. I notice I have the most fun when it`s exam period. 
With that being said, let`s shout a big hallelujah for my life. I haven`t had any retakes since I started uni, I have passed every course (woop woop!!). We thank God (in my nigerian accent).
Alright, this is an outfit post (clear enough).

 So yeah as you can see I am totally totally ridiculously in love with this leather pants. I don`t even wear my normal trousers anymore (sad). I literally wear this almost everyday. Here, I paired up the pants with a white top from GinaTricot and the statement piece here is the Jacket. I got this jacket from a second hand store (that`s my new thing). What I love about second-hand stores are the fact that they always have unique stuffs and sorta vintage looking.
I really can`t write and stick to the topic. I keep on jumping from here to there ( I get restless sometimes even in my writing). Well I hope I haven`t bored you too much.
Have a great day and stay blessed!
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  1. HAHAHAHAHA OMG ni två ser ut som modeller xD

  2. Love that tartan jacket hun. Nice outfit! Xx www.tashpantz.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Love your hair and the tartan jacket is an instant fave. However, I kinda really like the way the outfit looks without it too, especially those peaks of pink from the lining of the blazer. Beautiful :)

  4. that tartan jacket is everything, love it and you paid it tribute gurl

  5. This outfit is everything! Your leather pants look great, especially with your jacket. And I love your hair xx

    onacruz blog


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