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11:22 PM

Hello guys! It`s a new month woop woop! Happy new month to you all and I hope 2014 has been treating you good so far. I have been extremely busy this past month but thank God I still managed to update the blog (some applause for me, pa pa pa).Okay, so I just finished doing some studying and decided to upload some pics I took recently. As you can see, I am just goofing around and trying to play "naija supermodel" haha. Yeah, just some eye candy for ya all.

So in my mail, some people are requesting me to do a room tour. Well am sorry to say I don`t think I will be doing that just because my room is a huge mess. First of all it`s a student apartment and everything is just not really in place and the wall paper is so disgusting. Am trying to find a date to get it replaced but am so busy, am never at home. And I have to be available when it`s gonna be fixed so yeah that´s the twist. But maybe, just maybe if I get my wall paper fixed I might show you a little view of how it looks like. Don`t expect anything fancy. My room is a typical student room with little or no effort making it home, lol.
Alright guys, I am just gonna crawl into my bed now and probably talk on phone until I fall asleep.
Love you all.
Be good!!!
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  1. Lool super model looking cute :-D

  2. Herh! see pose ooo! baby oku !!<3

  3. Lol..@supermodel.
    Looking nice Maggie:)

  4. cute pics
    here is my new post http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2014/02/purple-coat-transparent-styled-blouse.html


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